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Making an indie videogame, from concept to its development.



  • Concept
  • UX Design
  • Character Design
  • Sound Design


"The Land of Memories" is a videogame made with Unity 3D with a dreamlike and fantasy style, set in the world of fairytales. It's a free roaming adventure where the player must solve puzzles and explore environments. In the Land of Memories each classical fairytale corresponds to a new level. Nihilism has got the upper hand subverting fairytales' moral. Will be task of the player recovering the psychological principles of each story for restoring the happy ending. The first level revisits the Brothers Grimm's fairytale "Hansel and Gretel". Juray is the name of the main character of this adventure. He's a magical young scribe commissioned to write and pass fairytales for the Memory Guardians. We wrote the main concept and decided the gameplay of this first level. We took care of 3d modelling, environment creation, 3d animation, opening title video and sound design.

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