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Vittorio Trainini's paintings and Paola Di Rosa's life explained by a motion graphics documentary video.



  • Museum Didactics
  • Valuing Cultural Heritage
  • Bright and evocative animated video
  • Development of a narrative concept


Motion graphics video realized for The Handmaids of Charity in Brescia. It's installed in the Santissimo Sacramento Church in via Moretto.

The documentary explains Giuseppe and Vittorio Trainini's paintings and Paola Di Rosa's life. Shows where are placed the paintings, what they represent and all the connections between them and Saint Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa, founder of The Handmaids of Charity order in 1850.

This documentary explains concepts through the use of motion graphics and compositions made by us using parts of various paintings placed in the church. We made compositing using virtual camera movements and lights and animating certain characters of the paintings. The result are symbolical scenes which represent the connections between The Handmaids of Charity and the evangelical messages.

We composed the soundtrack, considering the spiritual place where it must be replayed constantly. You can listen it and other musics in our SoundCloud profile.

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