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3D explorable representation of a real city



  • Creating a true urban area in 3D
  • App for touch devices
  • User Experience
  • Game App and Business App


Project created for Audiolux Arte e Tecnologia in collaboration with Andrea Giuliano. We created a 3D large representation of a real city, addressed to buyers and new residents, to find services and know the city structure. For this purpose there's a map of the city that allows users to move their avatar to a given area with the function "teleport". It's represented the residential area of the city but also the commercial one. Audiolux team created the 3d models of the buildings and We created the interface design and the structure of the application and also optimized it, in collaboration with Andrea Giuliano. We created virtual environment (roads, animations, effects, terrains...) and placed every element (vegetation, buildings...). Application works completely offline and is constantly updated for being coherent to its real model. User can explore urban space in free roaming mode, choosing between camera view (fly mode - first person) and third-person. User can change his avatar between four alternatives. The application is designed for touch-screens but also runs with computers, using mouse and keyboard.

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