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When the union of text, moving images and sounds becomes an explosive mix

What you can do with audio and video

  • Promotional Video for Startup
  • Corporate video
  • Customer care videos
  • Explain complex concepts
  • Web marketing video campaign
  • video for e-mail marketing
  • Youtube viral videos
  • Crowdfunding video
  • Video infographics
  • Business presentation


The video will be 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019

65% of users view up to 75% of a video

55% of users watch online videos every day

Over 500 million users watch video on Facebook every day

Motion Graphics - Cartoon

Color, animation, music, words. There are no good products that don't have good commercials. Story-telling and motion graphics of a professional video are the best way to advertise online. Videos, in fact, have 53% more possibilities to appear on the 1st page of search results, and can also increase conversions up to 300%. Starting with the concept, we will create a 2D cartoon animation tailored for you.As copywriters and designers we'll create storyboards and scripts, then animate graphics and finally create the soundtrack. Every step will be entirely done by us so you'll have the total guarantee of having a truly unique video product. Try to think, your company could become the superhero of a video cartoon, or we can present your brand or startup with a series of social-oriented video advert. Users will thus be able to identify more easily with your brand and understand its values in a simpler, fast, addictive and, why not, fun way. Here is an example of 2d graphics spots.
Remember, videos are and will increasingly be the new face of marketing content. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

Video infographics / Motion Graphics

Animated infographics are increasingly used. They show and sell concepts, missions, projects, products, alongside a good out of the way, great graphics that clearly explain what is being told. Each animated infographic has sound design and message carefully studied. The infographic video delivers advertising clearly, didactically, dynamically, social-friendly, and captivating. As with all of our work, we are against the standards, so we will study with you the most appropriate communication and marketing to your target. You could use it to explain the complex concepts of a project, especially if you are looking for funds, perhaps by organizing a crowdfunding campaign. Or, to carry out a training course, so as to help course attendants during lessons. Still, you could use them as customer care to easily showcase your products' performance to customers who are struggling to increase their fidelity.
If you have any questions about Animated Infographic and Motion graphics, do not hesitate to ask for information or a quote.

Videos, Short, 3D animated presentations

We create advertising videos, 3D animated video, cut-scenes for videogames. Prepare the video through storyboard or concept written to have your approval, which will be followed by the creation of the scenes, to finally arrive at the direction and animation. We can also make 3D graphics presentations for industrial design, architecture, interior design and building projects (if you want to see an example of other services dedicated to these areas, you can find one here). If you have any questions about making 3D Videos, Shorts and Presentations, write us, we're here for this.

Direction, editing and post-production

We create custom promotional, illustrative or institutional videos for individuals, companies, organizations or associations. We will study your documentation and propose your idea with the creation of concept and storyboard. We will personalize and set up the video depending on your destination (tv - web). We will choose the right location for the shooting, and we'll take care of all the stages of the project by personally making every single part of your video. Shots, graphic animations, sounds, music and speech will be entirely made by us to guarantee you a unique product of its kind. We can also use compositing techniques, modifying real shoots, enriching them with effects, and creating elements in computer graphics. If you have already taken a shot, or if you have videos to mount, we can offer the video editing service individually. So please contact us to talk about your video project personally.

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