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Eucalipto Lab - Web Designer, Web Marketing, Software Developer, Motion Graphics

We've been studying the best strategies to reach the target of companies and small businesses, since 2013. Web marketing, web projects, brand identities, promotional videos and more complex computer projects. Our team is dynamic, we work with digital experts to assist you through all the stages of the project.


Eucalipto Lab - Luca Sperlari

Front end development

Web creative development

UX design


VFX - animation


Sound design

Luca graduated in Graphic Design and New Media Communication in 2013. He has several skills in the fields of digital marketing and multimedia design. As a freelance, he deals with many digital services for companies, from web design to development to graphic design and video editing. The course of study and his work experience has led him to expand his knowledge, from sound design, to VFX to web development and applications for mobile devices. Luca also uses 3D graphics software for video compositing, rendering, 3D modeling and Realtime 3D. His knowledge in front-end / web development is always evolving. He knows and uses CMS, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, October CMS and creates customized solutions.



Eucalipto Lab - Nastassya Carretti

Graphic Design

Web Design




Web Marketing

After a school-leaving certificate in Graphic Design and a cinematography workshop in Milan, Nastassya graduated in New Media Communication. She has been working as a freelance since 2013, dealing with digital communication: copywriting, e-mail marketing, social media management, enabling her to combine passion for writing, with graphic design and marketing. With Eucalipto Lab she deals with web marketing and web design, video projects, animation, infographics and cartoons. The course of study, coupled with some work experiences, has also introduced her to the world of 3D graphics, rendering and 3D realtime.